We create and install all types of signage. We also supply decorated apparel and promotional products. 

For over a decade, PR Direct Signs and Promotions has been manufacturing and installing a wide variety of signage products. Additionally, we have cared for the decorated apparel needs and assorted promotional product requirements of our valued clients. We have grown from a one-person sign business to a large signage and promotions company serving Nova Scotia. The success of PR Direct Signs & Promotions is a direct result of our strong family and community values, combined with an unwavering focus on delivering superior results for our customers.

Long-term growth is a priority with PR Direct Signs. We are continuously re-evaluating and improving our operations to ensure we are not only meeting, but exceeding our clients’ expectations. We continue to add new products and new customized solutions to meet clients’ ever-changing requirements. Our mission is to deliver on an exceptional customer experience by offering innovative solutions, top-notch customer service, and quality products to satisfy our customers’ needs.

Make it stand out.

our story

 We celebrate our family roots. Before moving into our new offices in the Uniacke Business Park, the company operated out of the original fire hall, built in the late 1940’s. The original building served as a workshop for our hardworking father and grandfather. In those days, the smell of sawdust filled the air. Today the workshop, relocated and renovated is still used, not as a carpentry shop, but as a space for sign fabrication. Our fathers and grandfathers taught us the benefit of hard work and the importance of a promise kept.

 There’s no question we are living in the middle of the digital age. But despite the huge push to jump on the e-commerce bandwagon, the need for signs, decorated apparel and promotional products continues to grow. Though the specific items change to suit the needs of the changing marketplace, there is a common thread, and that is: we all need to stand out and be seen. 

Our Work

  • Iron maple construction made easy sign installed on a wall
  •  hockey medals
  •  hockey trophies
  • Carlo's barber shop sign install over a door entrance
  • bottles glasses and mugs with prints
  • spotlight and coverage with prints on them
  • killam apartment rent sign installed on a wall
  • pants with warriors text printed on it
  • pens with info printed on
  • billboard of a company
  •  sign showing delicious food
  • black sheep restaurant sign installed
  •  logo print sports shirt
  • Black van with stickers of fujitsu company
  • Signage on a wall to a company called the factory
  • steps with stickers
  • spartan sticker on car door
  • design printed on a karate shirt
  • company logo installed on a wall
  • embroidered logo shirt
PR Direct white logo

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